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DONT MISS OUT ON VCL ( Video Chat Lessons)

The new year is almost here! Start off your 2020 learning something new! See how sharpening your mind and body awareness can give you strength and motivation for the new year. Sign up today for VCL (video chat lessons) via FaceTime, WhatsApp and instagram. Happy holidays.

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VCL Lessons are back in full effect 📶⚔️

BBA has relocated to Northern Ca. Thank you to everyone that was patient with scheduling. Classes are back in full Grind Mode so be sure to set up your class or classes for the month of September befo


Buy any skate boot or complete set up from Intuition Skate Shop (located in Bakersfield,CA) and receive $10 OFF first 1Hour Class BBA! Just show your order number when booking. This starts 7/10/2020 -


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