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Skating Across the Midline

There have been multiple studies conducted about performing this simple activity everyday and its correlation to basic life skills like coordination, comprehension, and reading. This activity is called “crossing the midline”. It’s something that happens naturally for many so we sometimes overlook its importance. Some of us may take longer to develop these skills or they may weaken as we age.

Crossing the midline is the ability to reach across the body over to the opposite side. It is when both left and right hemispheres of the brain work together to achieve balance and coordination. There are tons of activities that encourage this movement and can be done at home for people at every stage of their lives.

Blading is perfect for all ages to develop or improve physical coordination. It also helps people to cross that midline which will exercise the mind and strengthen the connection with other parts of the body, like your eyes, arms, and legs. Skating is a great way to keep the body and mind active, using the right and left hemispheres of your brain to balance and create awareness. 

At BBA, we know that blading is a great way to get a physical workout and exercise the brain all while having fun. We are here to provide professional instruction and supervision. Lessons are conducted outdoors which is  excellent for the sensory pathways. Lessons can also take place indoors for a more private experience. Lessons via video chat are available for anyone looking to develop already established skills. And more options to come. Single and group lessons are available.

Lets Get it Forever.

For more information about the relationship between physical coordination and learning skills:

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